1.Facility Inspections
IBC shall inspect laboratories and confined field trials (CFTs) using approved checklists provided by the National Biosafety Authority. Inspection reports are maintained in files of Institutional Biosafety Authority.

General biosafety training is mandatory for all individuals conducting research. Through the NBA, The IBC organizes for:
•Regular academic training and refresher courses on biosafety for principal investigators, trial managers, technical staff and students involved n GMO research
•Training and refresher courses on national guidelines and protocols for Project staff and IBC members

3.Record Keeping and Retention
IBC maintains documentation of all biosafety related material and retains them for at least three (3) years after the project’s expiry. These include:
a)IBC minutes
b)PI’s protocols and any attachments
c)List of IBC Members
d)Copies of research records, permits, notifications
e)Inventory of experimental materials in the facility
f)Documentation of all biosafety related training for their research personnel and activities undertaken at the facility:The IBC makes all records accessible for inspection and copying by authorized NBA representatives

Functions of IBC
a)Facilitate applications preparation
b)Advise institution on Biosafety matters
c)Assist institutions to establish monitoring plan for risk assessment & management
d)Ensure compliance to National Biosafety Authority approval conditions
e)Review and ascertain suitability of containment (Physical & Biological)
f)Advise Institution and Principal Investigator on mitigation measures in case of accident.