Procedure for Authorization to Collect Research Data and Obtain Affiliation to Kenyatta University.

1.0 Introduction
Kenyatta University through its Division of Research, Innovation and Outreach provides its students, those enrolled in institutions of higher learning within and outside Kenya and other researchers the environment and opportunity to apply either to collect data in pursuance of their masters, doctoral degree and research endeavors or affiliate for the purpose of conducting research in Kenya.

2.0 Seeking Permission to Collect Research Data within Kenyatta University
2.1 Internal Applicants
All internal applicants seeking authority to carry out research within Kenyatta University must write to the Vice-Chancellor through the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Innovation and Outreach. Applicants who are students are required to process their applications through Graduate School while staff applicants may apply directly after completing RIO 2 (research data collection form). Applicants are advised to attach a research permit and letter of authorization to carry out research from the National Commission for Science, Technology & Innovation (NACOSTI). It is a Government requirement for anyone carrying out research in the country to seek authority from NACOSTI (i.e. Masters, PhD or Individual Projects).
Download NACOSTI research permit application form.

2.2 External Applicants
All other applicants who are not students and staff of Kenyatta University but are enrolled or employed by organizations within Kenya shall apply to the Vice-Chancellor through the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Outreach after completing RIO 2 (research data collection form).

3.0 Seeking Affiliation to Kenyatta University.
The National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation requires that any person seeking to conduct research in Kenya must apply for and obtain a research permit.
Affiliation with a Kenyan research institution is mandatory for applicants in institutions outside Kenya including Kenyans registered in institutions outside Kenya. Therefore prior to receiving a research permit, an applicant whose original university of affiliation is outside Kenya must have applied for and received affiliation to a Kenyan university.

Applicants seeking affiliation will:
1. Fill in the RIO 1 (affiliation) form.
2. Provide letter of introduction and support from the researcher’s home University, signed by the relevant administrative officer or supervisor.
3. Provide a copy of research proposal.
4. Specify a Department at Kenyatta University to which the applicant wishes to be affiliated.
5. Provide evidence of payment of affiliation application fee.
The documents submitted will be duly processed and forwarded for consideration to the University Management Board. The University Management Board reserves the right to give or decline affiliation.

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