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Directorate of Research Support & Dissemination 
Kenyatta University
P.O Box 43844-00100 Nairobi
Tel.: +254(20)8714582/+254(20)8714584;
Office: Directorate Complex, Room 317

Welcome to the Directorate for Research Dissemination and Uptake. The directorate is Kenyatta University’s institutional unit in the Division of Research, Outreach and Innovation (RIO) mandated to capacity build researchers with strategies, skills and interest to translate their research knowledge, published materials and evidence-based interventions into a product that is user-friendly to targeted stakeholder, users and audiences. 

Our Vision
To become a centre of excellence in research dissemination and uptake, reaching out and impacting target audience with university research output.

Our Mission
To build capacity, promote, coordinate and facilitate research dissemination and uptake activities in the University.


 Dr. Maina Mwangi
Directorate of Research Support & Dissemination

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 Central Administration Complex Building. 4th Floor


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