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The Directorate has over the years collaborated with external organizations and institutions to offer services to communities. Examples of collaborators include the following.
1. Equity Bank: The Bank collaborated with our directorate in Students Community Service programme as described above. This programme trained and facilitated over 10,000 Kenyatta University students to undertake community service projects among various countrywide.

Training Seminars for Students Community Service Programmes

Field projects for students community service programme

2. Equity Group Foundation: The foundation collaborated with the directorate of COEP in educating Kenyan youth aged 18 - 35 years on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Under this programme 9 members of staff were trained as Master Trainers by Micro Finance Opportunities and Micro-Save sponsored by Equity Group Foundation. The Master Trainers in turn trained 332 KU students who had already participated in Students community service programme as Trainers of trainers (ToTs). The ToTs in turn trained 8,191 youth (5,249 community youth and 2,842 Kenyatta University undergraduate students). After the training Equity Group Foundation mentored community youth to help them initiate businesses for those who did not have and to improve their businesses for those who already had them.

Training Seminars for basic financial skills and entrepreneurship.

3. Teachers Environmental Rescue (TER): The collaboration between TER and the Directorate of COEP creates awareness to primary and secondary school pupils and women groups from the surrounding communities on Environmental rehabilitation and management and further facilitate them to improve their environmental conditions through clearing bushes, clean-ups and tree planting in both dry and wet lands.

Environmental Conservation and Management.

4. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources: The ministry of environment and mineral resources partnered with directorate of COEP in rehabilitating five kilometers of Marengeta river by removing vegetation from the river and planting trees on both sides of the river banks. The Ministry of Environment Machakos County further collaborated with directorate of COEP and Terry Child Support and Youth Resource Centre to plant trees in Iveti hills, Kwangolya and Kathelani primary schools. Kenyatta University students conducted cleanups, splitted firewood, fed animals, played with children and gave donations during the visit in the home.

Photos on cleaning and planting of trees along Marengeta river.

Photos on tree planting in Iveti hills and the two primary schools

5. University of Ottawa (Canada): University of Ottawa and the directorate of COEP collaborated on a Case study of University Industrial Link for strengthening higher education stakeholder’s relations in Africa under sponsorship of Associations of African Universities (AAU) and Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC). Students’ community service programme was used as the Case study. An impact assessment on the Programme was done in comparison with a similar model of the University of Ottawa Annual Summer Programme and models of other local institutions offering similar programmes.

6. The Navigators Kenya (EPTF): EPTF collaborated with the directorate of COEP to train 45 secondary school students in low socio-economic areas selected by the Ministry of Education. The trainees included students, their parents, teachers and Management Board in basic financial skills and entrepreneurship. During the first phase 9 schools were trained and the others will be trained in subsequent phases. The training was done by 52 ToTs who were earlier trained by the directorate’s Master Trainers who also supervised them while conducting the training in schools. Students from the 9 schools later wrote business plans which they presented at a venue in Kenyatta University and sponsored by EPTF to undertake their entrepreneurship projects. The trained students and their parents exhibited their products during 2014 culture week to show their success stories.

Training of Master Trainers

Training of Trainers of Trainers

Business plan competition

Exhibitions of success stories during 2014 culture week
7. United Cultural Empowerment & Social Cultural Organizations (UCESCO): collaborates with the directorate of COEP in clean-ups, environmental management and blood donation. Some of the activities undertaken included the following:

8. World Peace Initiative Foundation: The Foundation Collaborates with the directorate of COEP to train Kenyatta University students in peace building after which students are supposed to train primary and secondary schools students and train students peace building.

Peace building training seminar for students at Kenyatta University

To make the above services possible, the Directorate recruits departmental Representatives to COEP who include academic members of staff across all the schools. COEP holds an orientation seminar for them on the directorate’s programmes .It is facilitated by Director COEP together with the Board members.

Sensitization seminars


Director COEP

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