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big-black-dotComputer Applications in Engineering Education

big-black-dotJournal of Software: Evolution and Process

big-black-dotSoftware Testing, Verification and Reliability

big-black-dotSoftware: Practice and Experience

big-black-dotComputational Intelligence

big-black-dotInformation Technology for Development

big-black-dotSoftware Focus

big-black-dotInformation Systems Journal

big-black-dotInternational Journal of Intelligent Systems

big-black-dotACM Transactions on Database Systems

big-black-dotACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems & Technology

big-black-dotACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

big-black-dotAdvances in Engineering Software

big-black-dotActa of Bioengineering & Biomechanics

big-black-dotActa Universitatis Sapientiae - Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

big-black-dotActive & Passive Electronic Components

big-black-dotAdvanced Engineering Informatics

big-black-dotAdvanced Materials & Processes

big-black-dotAdvanced Packaging

big-black-dotAdvanced Robotics

big-black-dotAdvances in Acoustics & Vibration

big-black-dotAdvances in Production Engineering & Management

big-black-dotAdvances in Structural Engineering

big-black-dotAdvances in Transportation Studies

big-black-dotAdvances in Tribology

big-black-dotAdvances in Water Resources

big-black-dotAerosol Science & Technology

big-black-dotAerosol Science & Technology

big-black-dotJournal of Computer Engineering

big-black-dotJournal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

big-black-dotJournal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering 

big-black-dotJournal of Electronics and Communication Engineering

big-black-dotJournal of Mobile Computing & Application 

big-black-dotInternational Journal of Advances in Image Processing Techniques

big-black-dotInternational Journal of Advancements in Digital Signal Processing

big-black-dotInternational Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

big-black-dotInternational Journal of Structural Analysis and Design

 schimago   NB: Other than the journals above additional refereed journals can be found in the SCImago Journal and Country Rank portal which includes details of over 29,000 refereed journals.

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