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big-black-dotAdministrative Theory & Praxis (Administrative Theory & Praxis)

big-black-dotGeocarto International

big-black-dotAfrican Development Review

big-black-dotSustainable Development

big-black-dotJournal of Economic Geography

big-black-dotEconomic Geography

big-black-dotPublic Administration

big-black-dotJournal of Applied Psychology

big-black-dotApplied Psychology

big-black-dotCambridge Archaeological Journal


big-black-dotCanadian Review of Sociology

big-black-dotThe Geographical Journal


big-black-dotInternational Journal of Climatology

big-black-dotIrrigation and Drainage

big-black-dotJournal of Petroleum Geology

big-black-dotDevelopment Policy Review

big-black-dotDevelopment and Change

big-black-dotRural Sociology

big-black-dotInternational Social Science Journal

big-black-dotActa Oecologica

big-black-dotActa Sociologica 

big-black-dotActa Theologica

big-black-dotAdministration in Social Work


big-black-dotAdultspan Journal

big-black-dotAdvances in Cognitive Psychology

 big-black-dotAdvances in Meteorology

big-black-dotJournal of World-Systems Research -Contemporary Sociology

big-black-dot Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

big-black-dotSociological Methodology

big-black-dotSociology of Education

big-black-dotTeaching Sociology

big-black-dotJournal of Counselling and Development

big-black-dotJournal of Addictions and Offender Counselling

big-black-dotSociety and Mental Health

big-black-dotTeaching Sociology

big-black-dotDevelopmental Psychology

big-black-dot Psychology of Popular Media Culture

big-black-dot International Journal of Stress Management

big-black-dot Journal of Educational Psychology

big-black-dot Journal of Family Psychology

big-black-dot Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

big-black-dot Linguistics and Philosophy

big-black-dot Cognitive Linguistics

big-black-dot International Journal of Applied Linguistics

big-black-dot English and Language Linguistics

big-black-dot The Journal of Philosophy

big-black-dot Philosophy

big-black-dot Religious Studies and Theology

big-black-dot Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

big-black-dot The Philosophical Quarterly

big-black-dot Ethics

big-black-dot Religious Studies

big-black-dot Journal of Political Philosophy

big-black-dot The Journal of Ethics

big-black-dot Review of Philosophy and Psychology

big-black-dot Philosophy and Public Affairs

big-black-dot Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

big-black-dot Journal of Development Studies

big-black-dot Studies in Comparative International Development

big-black-dot Gender and Development

big-black-dot Forum for Development Studies

big-black-dot Gender and Society

big-black-dot Gender, Place and Culture

 schimago   NB: Other than the journals above additional refereed journals can be found in the SCImago Journal and Country Rank portal which includes details of over 29,000 refereed journals.

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