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The Director,
Community Outreach and Extension Programmes (COEP)
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The Directorate has continued to achieve the above objectives by implementing the following programmes.
i). Community Need-Based Projects.

This programme involves facilitating students in academic clubs and departments to undertake community service projects in different parts of the country. Examples include: schools, childrens’ homes, churches, hospitals, markets and other places where community service is needed.
The services offered under this program focus on contemporary issues in the society such as HIV/AIDs, Drugs and Substance Abuse; food security, Environmental conservation and management, financial literacy, motivational talks in schools, peace building initiatives peer pressure and self-worth and volunteerism among others. Students are very eager to serve the communities and as such the directorate has continued to receive very positive feedback from the recipient communities.

Club patrons/departmental representatives accompany the students during the implementation of the community service projects. The projects are undertaken during the weekends and public holidays so as not to interfere with the academic programmes.
Besides students clubs/organizations, the directorate does other community need-based projects in collaboration with other departments/units from within or outside the university who have similar objectives of service to humanity. Those from within the University that have worked very closely with the directorate include the Directorate of University Health services, Wellness Centre, Aids Control Unit, Centre for Career Development and Placement, Department of Nursing, Department of Psychology, Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, Department of Recreation Management and Exercise Science, Religious groups (Seventh Day Adventist and Christian Union Movement from the university ,and Culture Week office. Those from outside the University include, Equity Bank, The Nairobi Hospice, Navigators Kenya, Teacher Environmental Rescue, and United Cultural Empowerment and Social Community Organization.

ii) Response to National Crises.
This involves mobilizing resources from the university community to mitigate against national crises by addressing some of the basic human needs.

The activities of this programme are determined by the nature of crisis and available resources. The directorate requests for donation of materials and services from Kenyatta University community and deliver them to the communities in need. Humanitarian services such as counseling are also provided to the communities. Previously, the directorate has responded to Fire Tragedy, Famine, Terrorist attack and building collapse tragedy. The materials donated include food, clothing, household items and personal effects which the University community willingly contributes.


Director COEP

Dr. Jane Kamau


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