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Call for Proposals

 Call for Applications: LC-CLA-05-2019 Human Dynamics of Climate Change: Climate Services for Africa - Call Opens on Wednesday 14th November 2018- Closing Date: Tuesday, 19th February 2019.

As part support for the roll out of the GFCS, the European Commission has launched a specific call on "Climate Services for Africa" to support projects in Africa. As climatic changes increasingly place populations under pressure, human beings are already adapting. However, less developed countries – particularly in Africa – are often less resilient to climate change and require the deployment of appropriate support to adaptation, including in the form of bespoke climate services tailored to users' needs. There is some evidence that climate change may already be playing a role in shaping population migration patterns around the world (e.g. Africa to Europe). It is important to make use of the wealth of available socio-economic and geophysical data to better understand these patterns in order to develop appropriate policy responses. Actions should address only one of the following sub-topics: Climate services for Africa or Climate and human migration. International cooperation is encouraged as well as the participation of social sciences and humanities disciplines to address the complex challenges of this topic, including challenges associated with relevant gender issues. Click here for further information.

Google Travel and Conference Grants – Rolling basis
Google Travel and Conference Grants are available for students who have their research papers accepted at a top-tier conference in computer science and related area, Applications are reviewed all year round, and therefore you applicants will get feedback regarding their applications four to six weeks from the date of the application. Click here for further information.

 Olympic Studies Centre Research Grant Program: PhD Students and Early Career Academic - Closing Date: Friday, 28th September 2018.

The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) organises an annual grant programme intended for PhD students and early career academics engaged in scholarly research on the Olympic Movement, its history and ideals, and the impact of the Olympic Games on the various aspects of contemporary society and culture. The programme aims at encouraging PhD students and early career academics in their research with a humanities or social sciences perspective on any aspect of the Olympic phenomenon as well as promoting the consultation of the IOC’s patrimony by facilitating access to the historical archives, library collections and image archives. All projects dealing with the Olympic Movement and/or the Olympic Games will be considered. Applications for the 2019 edition are invited. Click here for further information.

 Call for Applications: Tamer Fund for Social Ventures - Closing Date: Wednesday, 15th August 2018.

The Tamer Fund for Social Ventures provides seed grants of up to $25,000 to nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid early-stage social and environmental ventures. Social or environmental ventures are defined as those working to solve a social or environmental problem. In general, social and environmental for-profit ventures produce products and/or services that either focus on addressing the needs of low-income communities or customers with an explicit purpose of increasing the welfare of these groups, alleviate a market failure and create significant public goods or benefits that are not wholly captured in the price charged by the business, or have attracted funding for the business by investors or grant makers who are seeking measurable social or environmental impacts.
Ventures must be led by Columbia University students, alumni, faculty or researchers, or be advised and have significant involvement by Columbia University faculty or researchers. The entire team need not be Columbia University affiliated; one founding member or significantly involved faculty or research advisor is sufficient. Preference will be given to ventures that have the potential to be financially self-sustaining in the longer term. This preference includes nonprofits that can be sustained by generating revenues via fee-for-service models, for example. Click here for further information.

 Contest for Youth Engagement in Energy, Water, & Transport - Closing Date: Monday, 6th August 2018.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and International Youth Foundation (IYF) have launched a new publication Creating Value through Global Youth Engagement: A Smart Investment for the Infrastructure and Natural Resource Industries.  To highlight cases and best practices of engaging youth in the workforce, IFC is hosting a contest inviting young people to submit multimedia projects on the youth report’s themes and/or write-ups of examples of innovative youth engagement in action. Engaged and mobilized youth can help energy, water, and transport sectors reach core business goals, core infrastructure and community development objectives. While it takes many forms, youth engagement offers tremendous opportunities for companies in emerging markets to prepare the next fast-growing generation of skilled workers, including young women; develop new value chains; mitigate sustainability risks; bolster local and national economic development; and capitalize on technical innovations and evolving communications.

The contest aims to inspire and create a dialogue on innovative ways to engage young people while addressing some of the problems and needs of communities and companies. Youth between the ages of 15 and 30 are invited to submit content around core themes of energy, water, and transport. Submissions can be in the form of (1) a multi-media project or (2) a case study. Click here for further information.

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