Welcomedvc rio   to the Division of Research, Innovation and Outreach at Kenyatta University, home to a growing body of scholars recognized nationally and internationally for the significance of their contributions to the humanities, social, physical, environmental sciences, business, economics, law; medicine, public health, engineering, education and the creative arts. I am elated by the ongoing success of our researchers against the existing constraints and filled with optimism that our research and innovation efforts can be enhanced towards becoming a research-intensive university. We are committed to building on a dynamic research culture that enriches the academic experience for our students, creates new knowledge across a broad array of disciplines, and helps improve the economic, social, and cultural vitality of our country, region and beyond.

Kenyatta University's mission is to provide quality education and training, through knowledge generation, research, innovation, creativity and community service. It is self evident that research and creative inquiry is at the heart of all the university does. Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, Kenyatta University discovers, disseminates and applies new knowledge. We impact the quality of teaching and learning, collaborating with researchers in and out of the country, partnering with our local community, industry, government, and sharing evidence-based research with policy makers.

Embarking on research, scholarship and creative activity encompass the most exciting aspects of the research journey as academic staff pursue their scholarly careers. A deep and abiding curiosity and firm belief that we can achieve great things spurs us on to investigate, create, test, critique, and improve. If we challenge ourselves to ask the big questions in our diverse fields of research and creative activity, we potentially increase the reach of our scholarly work and place ourselves at the forefront of knowledge frontiers.

The Division for Research, Innovation and Outreach is responsible for establishing, advancing and supporting an environment at Kenyatta University that fosters research and creative activity of the highest calibre. Its major responsibilities are to support the rich variety of research excellence and creative activity underway in the institution, enhancing the capacity of all academic staff to undertake research, furnishing information on internal and external funding opportunities to researchers, providing efficient administrative support to help researchers navigate the process of attracting and managing funding, and providing university-wide leadership and direction on research and innovation. We invite you to explore our Research site www.ku.ac.ke/research.


Prof. Caroline Lang'at Thoruwa

Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Research, Innovation and Product Development)