The Centre for Research Ethics and Safety at Kenyatta University is anchored in the Kenyatta University Research and Innovation Policy and is mandated to review ethics of proposals and projects in accordance with the University Research Policy and the NACOSTI guidelines for institutional IERCs. The centre houses the Kenyatta University Ethics Review Committee, which is mandated to review proposals that use human subjects; the Animal Care and Use Committee, focusing on the handling, housing and transportation of animals used in laboratory research and the Biosafety Committee to handle research protocols involving genetically modified organisms, biosecurity and biological waste management. These committees together are an important section towards the realization of the vision and mission for advancing quality of scientific and scholarly research that meets global standards; and ultimately contributes significantly to the development agenda, both nationally and internationally.

To support the efficient and prompt provision of these services a strong secretariat has been set up at the centre which is located at the Directorate Complex building, 3rd floor, Wing C, Room 317.

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